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Life Can Hurt

You expect when you do wrong that there are hurtful consequences.
But life can hurt when you do all the right things as well.
So what do you do when the hurt is as a result of the right that you've done?
Well I tried reciting all those good phrases
And it did not help I prayed but the hurt was still there
So what do you really do? I went into myself (my spirit),
I evaluated my hurt (What was causing this? How can I stop this?)
I realized my hurt was being fueled by a thought?
I understood that I can only remove this thought with another. I got my victory! It did not take a few hours, days or even months
As I continued using the principle of intentionally controlling my thoughts
The hurts took less time to get over. Please share your thoughts and comments. I promise to respond.Stay Blessed, Stay Focused
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Who are you?

If asked to give five (5) words about myself I would say: Caring, Loving, Giving, Helpful and Humble. But then, if you are unable to see me caring and loving myself; or giving and being helpful to myself and not forgetting being humble then I need to take a good look at perception vs truth.

How we see ourselves can be very different to the way others see us.  My actions can sometimes make my option of myself appear to be a lie.  While it is easy and almost second nature to care for others, love and give assistance, help and exhibit some form of humility, these actions on many occasions are not reflected to myself.

For 2018 I would like to be a real version of who I think I am.  It is ok to look within and find the faults that we sometimes wish to hide.  It is even better when we have the opportunity of life to make desired changes to ourselves which will make those around us feel happy by our personal fulfillment and success.  I have been described as an entrepreneur, a teacher, some…

Sustainability vs Change

This is a new year.  There is newness in change, however, Can there be sustainability in change?  Firstly, something needs to happened before it can be sustained.  Then, we really need to understand what we want to sustain from change for it to matter in our lives.

If I take note of what is repeated constantly over my life and I check the order in which I do it, maybe I can produce sustainability in my changes?  Or maybe not.  Having a sequence or continuous flow does not make something sustainable. Sustainability can only be of value when a pinnacle of growth is realized or attained.  That is, if we want to receive a million dollars at he end of the year and changes at the beginning of the year prove to make the million dollars available at the end does it mean, I wish for that million dollars to be sustained?  Rather, it is quite likely that goal may change to two million dollars.  What we wish to sustain is based on desirable outcome which can be changed at any point in time.  Ha H…

The Joy In Goal Setting

Have you set any goals for 2018? I have recorded a whole set of goals for myself.  Goals are achievable when plans are put in place.

Do you know what actions are require for your goals to be realized?  Plans require predetermined actions.  Our actions will result in moving goals into our own reality.

Who are you accountable to if your goals are not realized? Who will be celebrating your victories when you win?  Actions are mostly done when accountability is put in place.

Moving from a thought to a clear purpose takes a lot of work which we are sometimes not ready for.  When setting goals its important to be realistic and understanding of your own capabilities and desire for accomplishment.  Acceptance of the goals has everything to do with the journey.

My journey in the birthing of my company "Training Anchor" was more enjoyable than obtaining the realization of the goal "Training Anchor".

Please share your thoughts and comments. I promise to respond.Stay Blessed, St…