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Is It Possible To Change Someone?

No one has the power to change someone.  The ability for change from a human perspective is within all of us. It is a myth that one person can change the thinking of another based on social and cultural norms. In reality the power of influence can be given credit for changing the position of another. In relationships there is a need for acceptance, love and to be needed. Sometimes this desire for emotional connection can push an individual to accept "God complex behavior".  We are not, nor can we ever be, God to someone!  As sated above the power to change must come from within the individual. I tried to change someone I cared about and it did not work.  My persistent efforts did not work because the individual did not have a desire to change in the way I wanted.  When the individual did not change as I wished, I felt sick within because I did not get my way. That was selfish.   A friend told me "Don't mistake myself for God in anyone's life". I got the me…

Leadership - Owning It

I believe leadership is “influence”, nothing more and nothing less.  Everyone possesses leadership abilities which is the limit that decides a person’s level of effectiveness.
It is my belief, leadership can be taught, which will result in more people choosing to follow you as an individual.
As we enter into a position of authority (leadership), it is important that we realize, people’s lives should be improved by our leadership.
Here are some things we can practice to bring our leadership ability to an excellent level: ·Empowering others – excellent leadership is not about seeking your elevation only but it’s about empowering or uplifting others.  The main reason for not being able to fulfill this; is insecurity or the fear of losing what we already have.·Gaining respect– I was taught gaining respect follows a pattern:  when you are respected as a person – people admire you; when you are respected as a friend – people love you and when you are respected as a leader – people choose to fo…

Growing Exponentially

Exponential growth is what we normally go after.  Is it what we truly need?
We live in an "instant" society, where everything is being done quickly.  Hey, it is not always the best.

Who are we when we see ourselves?
It is vitally important that we know who we are!

Taking time to get feedback from yourself will help in seeking out and finding your mission to set your life goals.
I  have matured to this day, I have received nutrients from different types of studies and encouraging words filled with sunshine.  My God has surely watered this plant that I am to bear fruit.

This program should deliver a practical way in your approach to properly increase how you choose to grow yourself.

The vision is exponential but the growth is slow and steady as is nature!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned for an update on how you can join one of our programs for your personal and career development!
Stay Blessed, Stay Focused
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Personal Growth And Your Career

Personal Growth is just what it says ... it's PERSONAL. I realized that it starts with me the individual.  I had to desire it.  I had to make it intentional.  I had to be persistent about it.  I had to understand that failure is part of the process to growth.  I did not really understand all of this until I actually started my journey!  
I laughed when I read Sarah Ban Breathnach's quote, "Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary".
From my experience, thinking harder or smarter will not help me grow. In fact doing will not help you.  Aging is different from growing.  Performing in a career without active development of any part of your self will not help you grow. In my own life journey, my career grew as I pursued various courses.    Personal development happens as you participate in activities and interact with others. We learn from each other.  Twelve years ago, my dreams changed, my purpose changed and I became a differe…


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