Is It Possible To Change Someone?

No one has the power to change someone.  The ability for change from a human perspective is within all of us. It is a myth that one person can change the thinking of another based on social and cultural norms. In reality the power of influence can be given credit for changing the position of another.
In relationships there is a need for acceptance, love and to be needed. Sometimes this desire for emotional connection can push an individual to accept "God complex behavior". 
We are not, nor can we ever be, God to someone! 
As sated above the power to change must come from within the individual.
I tried to change someone I cared about and it did not work.  My persistent efforts did not work because the individual did not have a desire to change in the way I wanted.  When the individual did not change as I wished, I felt sick within because I did not get my way. That was selfish.  
A friend told me "Don't mistake myself for God in anyone's life". I got the message.  

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