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A New Beginning : Sharing from me

My passion is to influence, add value & encourage people with the hope of positively transforming their lives.God has empowered me to do so.
 Because I live the Word of God
My experiences have come from accomplishing, winning, losing, crying, failing and laughing. 
I am now embracing the life I have been blessed with.
 So here I am pushing and daring myself to go to another level in life, embracing all or as many of the strengths that are within me.
 This is me pushing the ignite button and keeping it real.
Thank you for your time. This journey is one I am sharing. Please share your thoughts and comment. I promise to respond.

Please share your thoughts and comments. I promise to respond.

Stay Blessed, Stay Focused

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  1. Sure you will have a good impact on others. Life has a way of letting us find our truth in change!

    1. So true, which is the only constant in life. Thanks Donna-Luisa


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