Leadership - Owning It

I believe leadership is “influence”, nothing more and nothing less. 

Everyone possesses leadership abilities which is the limit that decides a person’s level of effectiveness.

It is my belief, leadership can be taught, which will result in more people choosing to follow you as an individual.

As we enter into a position of authority (leadership), it is important that we realize, people’s lives should be improved by our leadership.

Here are some things we can practice to bring our leadership ability to an excellent level:

·       Empowering othersexcellent leadership is not about seeking your elevation only but it’s about empowering or uplifting others.  The main reason for not being able to fulfill this; is insecurity or the fear of losing what we already have.

·        Gaining respect – I was taught gaining respect follows a pattern:  when you are respected as a person – people admire you; when you are respected as a friend – people love you and when you are respected as a leader – people choose to follow you.  People normally follow people who are stronger than them.

·         Prioritizing – I believe things that matter the most must not suffer because of things that matter the least. I love the three (3) Rs guidelines I’ve learnt when prioritizing:  'What is Required?', 'What gives the greatest Returns?' and 'What brings the greatest Reward?'. Answering these will allow you to realize that activities are not necessarily accomplishments.

·       Determining who stays close to you – as an excellent leader, you learn you do not have to know everything.  It is important however, to surround yourself with people who know what you don’t know.  If you speak to anyone who has been successful they will let you know there success was not accomplished alone.  They had a team (an inner circle).

·         Timing is everything – Timing is often the difference between success and failure in anything you are doing.  It’s important to note the result of action vs time: 

Leads to disaster
Brings success
Brings resistance

·         It’s a process – maturing in leadership does not take place overnight.  We are not going to be excellent leaders if we are not processed.  Leaders are learners. To see how a leader matures look at his/her routine.  What a person does on a disciplined, consistent basis gets him/her ready for success regardless of the goal.

·         Victory – Excellent leaders are unwilling to accept defeat; they recognize or see it, they learn from it but they do not accept it; because they find/create a way to win.  Excellent leaders are at their best when the pressure is on.

·        Sacrifice – in life we normally only see the perks excellent leaders enjoy (fancy cars, big houses, money in the bank, etc).  What is not seen however is the great sacrifices that excellent leaders are called to make. Once you take up any form of responsibility, it’s important to note limitations on your life comes with it. What you can do as a normal member of staff, you are unable to do when you become a supervisor.  

Please share your thoughts and comments. I promise to respond.

Stay Blessed, Stay Focused

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