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Hi everyone,
I just want to share a story from my past with you. 
 Straight out of school as a young girl I formed a Sports club. This club consisted of youths from my community who participated in Netball, Football, Basketball and even Table tennis. We played at a competitive level, and won many games and trophies. From an early age I loved and cared for people and believed that 'teamwork makes the dream work!' I guess I was an 'influencer' from an early age!
 Life has a way of playing jokes on us - imagine, I am in business developing and influencing positive change in others!
Today I help people develop themselves overall, in many different areas such as goal setting, building confidence, self-esteem, and life skills.

Thank you for listening, I look forward to your thoughts and comments

Stay blessed and stay focused

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  1. Yes, things from our past can be catalysts for our ongoing development'. Starting a sports club is a big thing for any youth to take on, but there was a need and someone had to get it started. That's Leadership traits coming out ☺💐


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